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Opening Letter:
April 1st, 2011

Chef Michael Bennett’s Culinary Concepts are ….
all about Florida and what people have come to
expect in Florida dining.

It is about having a spectacular experience, being able to experience foods that
are as tasty as they are memorable, something you want to tell your friends about.

Dining is an experience. Experiencing something unique to where you are living is what we are trying to present…fresh Florida seafood.

Chef Michael creates experiences that will explemplify a truly unique Florida dining experience, a little exotic with an empahsis placed on healthier dining.

“Uniquely Florida” menu progression with a unique “Caribb-ican” flavor profile, not, the same old seafood menu that curses restaurants everywhere. Caribb-ican is utilizes common American food products and spices them up with a Caribbean twist. This is the imprint that Chef Michael’s Culinary Concepts gleaned while working throughout the Caribbean.

Chef Michael’s Culinary Concepts perceive and understand how to make the dining experience more interesting.
Special wine event marketing. Creating a tempo of quality in wine selection and its service.
Having the know-how to build a reputation of quality and uniqueness Chef Michael’s culinary concepts create a tempo of innovation and quality unique unto an establishment.
Grasp on how to create a buzz around town about featured menu uniqueness and quality.
Special events formation. Using the Internet to promote customer counts locally, getting recognition nationally.
Special tournaments participation tied to unique food events.
Special event nights throughout the season.
Movie and Cigar nights, Hawaiian luas, BBQ pig roasts after a golf tourney. Day boat journeys with an ensuing NE clam bake.
Special days of food demonstrations from highly rated chefs from across Florida and the nation.

Throughout the past three years Chef Michael’s Culinary Concepts have produced increases in customer counts and dollar volume.

To prove that point, Chef Michael’s Culinary Concept at Bimini Boatyard increased sales 100 percent in two years. While striving for increased revenues in 2010, which doubled from 2008, 2010 saw sales of five million dollars. So far, 2011 has increased past twenty percentage points.

Because most dining venues in Florida have a winter-month grounded customer base of mostly out-of-towners, Chef Michael’s Culinary Concepts will work at the same degrees for your location.
The people who enjoyed the changes in 2008 came back again in 2009 and 2010.

It proves the point that Chef Michael’s Culinary Concepts are well accepted with locals and people from around the world.

Changes were made to form a healthy Seafood option menu.
It was developed with today’s modern American lifestyle in mind.
Naturally healthy seafood was the main thrust.
High in Omega-three fatty acids, to promote good health while achieving a “Caribb-ican” taste profile unlike all other South Florida seafood restuarants.
Spa Cuisine style development of the cuisine base.
That was not only low in “Fat” calories but eliminated cholesterol as well.
Moving from original broiling and sauting to a no-fat “wood-fire” grilling created a naturally better tasting and healthier product.
Also along with the change to grilling and hence removing sauteed or fried dishes, an 80 percent “Gluten-free” menu evolved.
Wood-grilling of seafood resulted in the elimination of flour and with the popularity of “Gluten-free” dining, Bimini Boatyard is soon to be listed – with the local Celiac Foundation as the single best place to dine in Fort Lauderdale.

Through training and staff enlightenment sales have increased….

You are wondering why it is important to have a noteworthy name attached to the dining facilities…for the same reason that Jack Nickolas designed golf courses are extremely popular with the golfing community.

Having the assurance of a concept that draws noteriety is how to build prestige for your membership…
Having a well-known name heading up the restaurant’s mystique is just as important in drawing members to the clubhouse as the name recognition is for the golf course.
Googling the name “Chef Michael Bennett” you will see that the name recognition is very high.
Culinary events, wine dinners, chef of the year award and interviews with leading media journals are all for perusal.
Mobil and high praise from Zagat Survey (best of) have all recognized Chef Michael’s South Florida Culinary Concepts.
Pictorials in high ranking publications such as the Los Angles Times (LaTimes.com), Miami Herald, the National Culinary Review, Ocean Drive magazine, leisure and hospitality, culinary, cookbook websites, as well as social media and marketing websites have been stressed.

Concepts and Conception….

Having a culinary concept restaurant that draws local and national attention will help draw membership towards the club and the property as a whole.
Being a recognized leader in resort dining will automatically give your club the prestige that will fill the seats and make it one of the hardest reservations to get in town. This will build and add to the groundswell of people looking to become members.

Being hard to find qualified culinary applicants will always be a challenge in your location. These circumstances call for bottom up training. Like most of the places where Chef Michael’s concepts have worked, untrained staffs were brought to sober culinary caliber through aggressive hands on training.
Being able to attract staffs is another reason to have a noteworthy culinary concept. Pursuing the local vo-tech schools making arrangements to keep a full staff of reatively well-trained staff is a priority.