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Celebrated chef and restaurateur Michael Bennett opened and operated several successful restaurants both in the United States and the Caribbean and yet for the last three years he has written and published three cookbooks.

Miami, Fl.: FoodBrats.com ~For some of us in the Social Media and cookbook industry, a lifestyle penchant is simply in one’s blood. Chef Michael Bennett is the premiere member of the socially prominent – FoodBrats.com – with his three published cookbooks.

Chef Michael Bennett, an acclaimed culinary and cookbook innovator, featured in international Social Media, print publications and receiving multiple culinary awards from nationally recognized organizations, Chef Michael Bennett has helped to promote South Florida innovative cookery to the Social Media savvy, for more than a decade.

Caribbean-based, healthy cuisine was not always Chef Michael Bennett’s specialty however, since 1990 after joining with the Rare Fruit Society International of South Florida, changed his life forever. He was accustomed to eating bold, richly flavored foods that are heart-healthy. Later down the road he incorporated a new West Indian style into his California-Asian food styling at the 26 year restaurant landmark – Left Bank restaurant. This is where he brought in the Caribbean flair and created special dinner events that grabbed the attention of social media savvy foodies and reporting agencies from around the world.

Writing a New Cookbook, gives a Chef a New Outlook…

Chef Michael Bennett was also instrumental in changing attitudes towards working in the service industry with his latest innovative book “Culture of Cuisine“ as it will edify young and unsure new chefs on how to advance in this culinary business. This new book describes and highlights accomplishments of socially-savvy generations of South Florida’s “Top Chefs” as it describes how to use Social Media to advance one’s own career and what steps are involved in accomplishing it.

As Social Media gets all of the attention these days, it’s important to understand why customers are turning to social media for customer service and support. While some younger consumers may be more naturally inclined to use social media, the primary reason for people is that they didn’t get good customer service to begin with through in person at the table, over the phone, by email or your website.

One of the most valuable lessons was how to manage yourself and your staff. “Culture of Cuisine” speaks about what ideals are expected of them by the food and beverage industry. It is how you should represent yourself in this social-savvy discipline that is covered robustly in the second and third chapters of the book.

About the Author, substantive:
Michael Bennett is a well-known award winning (Chef of the Year-1995) South Florida Chef whose clients are a Who’s Who of Media and Sports personalities. He earned critical culinary kudos as the Executive chef for the 26 year-local culinary force Left Bank restaurant. Under his auspices he brought “Best of” (Zagat Survey), Four Stars (AAA) and Four Diamonds (Mobil) to the long-time three star rating. He also holds culinary affiliations with several culinary and food-related organizations. He regularly lectures on South Florida’s “Caribb-ican” cuisine.

Like his first cookbook, a GLUTEN-FREE cookery guide – “In the Land of Misfits, Pirates and Cooks” and his second cookbook “Underneath a Cloudless Sky” also features 125 plus tropical / Caribbean influenced recipes, more than 40 Full color recipe pictures and an intriguing re-account about what it is like to be a chef working on the New American Riviera and the Caribbean.

Chef and author Michael Bennett, an acclaimed South Florida chef has made a name for himself by mixing culinary traditions from different parts of the world and then, using Social Media to tell others about it.

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